Monday, 17 November 2014

Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell

Cath is a fan fiction writer and she's going to major in English at the college. But she is not thrilled to start her new life at the college; due to her twin sister, Wren who chose not to be a roommate with Cath. She finds out that it is hard for her to write her own story and wonders that maybe she just a good writer when it comes to fan fiction only. 

Basically her life sucks. Her roommate (Reagan) is not really friendly but Reagan's ex boyfriend, Levi who keeps coming to Cath's room (and calls her Cather) is way too friendly to her and somehow it bothers her. Cath is a very shy girl and unlike her sister she is socially unskilled. Except for Wren, she doesn't has friends.

 I really love 'Eleanor & Park' so my expectation towards this book was really high. And I heard lot of great things about this book. Cath totally reminds me of myself when I was about to start college. The fact that both of us write fan fiction makes me feel so close to her. She's very smart but sometimes it's hard for her to trust people. Probably because her mother left her when she was still a child. And now, she feels like her twin sister want to leave her as well and she was so lonely until she met Levi. Levi is very charming, genuine and honest. It's so easy to like and root for him.

I love the fact that the relationship between Cath & Levi took some times to bloom. It was gentle and slow. The bonding between them was so sweet and romantic. My favorite scene is definitely when Cath reads her fan fiction to Levi. It was such a tender and lovely moment to me. 

The development of the characters are very good. Besides Cath & Levi, I also love Reagan. She's so real and I was hoping that we get to learn more about her. I didn't like Wren at first but at the end of the book, I totally get her. The writings is brilliant. And I really like the snippet of a Simon Snow & Baz stories at the beginning of every chapter. I want to read 'Carry On' so much. 

With this book, Rainbow Rowell just become my favorite author. I love 'Eleanor & Park' but I felt more connection to 'Fangirl'. Some people might love 'Eleanor & Park' more but it's okay for me cause both books are amazing. I can't wait to read 'Landline' soon. 

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