Saturday, 29 November 2014

Album: Top 5 Songs from Chapter One (Ella Henderson)


Ella Henderson was in The X Factor UK 2012 and she finished at 6th place (I'm still pissed off at that). Chapter One is her debut album under Simon Cowell's label, Syco. With this album, she proved that she should be the one who walked out with the title of the winner of The X Factor (not you, James Arthur!!!)

To pick only 5 songs from this album is killing me. There are at least 10 songs that have potential to be the single. However, I have to do my job and here are my Top 5 songs from Chapter One

5. Missed

"I wish you luck and

I still remember when she auditioned for The X Factor with this song. I was like "That's it... She will win!!!" and of course, I was wrong. This song is so beautiful. I love the message in this song so much. When a relationship is over, that's it... It's done. That's what I love from this song so much. 

4. Glow

"We are fire, we are fire,
And our love will burn..."

This song is currently the ringtone for my phone. Again, the lyrics capture my love for Ella's song. She's such a talented songwriter. This song is so catchy and I totally love it. 

3. Yours

"I'll wear your winter coat,
The one you love to wear..."

Another beautiful love song with beautiful lyrics. This is officially the third single from this album after Ghost & Glow and I think it's perfect especially for the winter. It just make me want to cuddle under the blanket with a special one even though I don't have any special one right now :( 

2. 1996

"I won't let these moments fade away,
It's cause of you I'm who I am today..."

This song is one of the 5 bonus songs from the deluxe version. Even though, I was not born in 1996, I still can relate to this song. It makes me appreciate those who's in my life. My mom, my dad, my friends etc... It's very personal. 

1. Ghost

"I'll keep going to the river,
To pray..."

Her debut single from this album. Everything about this song is perfect. The beats are so catchy and the lyrics are so dark and really meaningful. I just love it and this is definitely my favorite song from this album. 

Overall Rating


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