Monday, 20 October 2014

Review: Te@mare Volume 1 & 2 by Ben Wong

Ben Wong

Te@mare (pronounce as Te Amare) or I Will Always Love You tells a story of high school student, Colin who kept dreaming about a girl in his sleep. Even though he couldn't see the girl's face, he's pretty sure that the girl in his dream is Hana. Unfortunately, another guy in his school, Ryder is also falling in love with Hana and will do anything to make sure that Colin stay away from Hana. Lucky for Colin, he has Keiko, his best friend. Keiko is a very tough girl but secretly crushing on Colin. And there's also another mysterious girl, Mia who was saved by both Colin & Ryder from his psycho ex-boyfriend. 

Te@mare is definitely my favorite graphic novel right now. I always adore Ben's works. Ben is one of the famous graphic novel author in Malaysia. Among his previous works are Le.Gardenie and Fatal Chaos series. And I'm so happy when he comes up with another series. Te@mare is a contemporary/romance/young adult graphic novel. 

The characters are very interesting. Between the five lead characters, I really like Keiko. Something about her really intrigue me. She's such a bad-ass. I also like Hana. I think she's very sweet. No wonder so many boys at the school fell in love with her. Colin is a very typical male lead. Kinda a loser a little bit. As for Ryder, he's awesome. Yeah, he's rude and the way he consider Hana as her girlfriend is kinda creepy but he's definitely funny. I like the chemistry between him and Keiko though. They are so funny together. And finally Mia. She was okay but I didn't really like her yet. I think she's too needy and a little bit too flirty with both Colin & Ryder. 

The first volume was released on March while the second one was released this October so I'm pretty sure the third volume will be released next year which kinda annoy me a little bit. I'm not good at waiting. 

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