Monday, 22 September 2014

Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park revolves around the life of two misfit teenagers during 80's. Eleanor is the new girl at school. The first time she steps on the school bus, she immediately become a bully target. No one wants to give her a seat except for Park, half Korean boy. However they don't talk to each other until Park notices that Eleanor is reading his comic books along with him. They start to bond over everything; life, superheroes, music until they start to fall in love. 

Oh gosh!!! I finished this book in just 2 days. Trust me, I'm so busy so 2 days means that I'm really in love with this book. I heard a lot of good things before I read this book. When I saw this book at the local bookstore (Popular, Sunway Pyramid), I instantly bought it. 

Eleanor & Park tells a story of a first love but it's more than that. It's warm, poetic and adorable. I felt like Eleanor & Park have become a part of me. I love their voices. I love their story. It's real and honest. I can relate to the awkwardness and quirkiness in this book. 

As for the ending, I felt like I want a better closure but I'm going to use my own imagination for that. This book will be adapted to the movie version. I'm crossing my fingers. I hope it will not ruin the story because I really like it. 

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